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I put together a video explaining the wedding photography packages and which one may be best for you.

Side note: we can customize these until you’re completely happy.

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2021-2022 Pricing: Photography

I have 4 main packages which start at $2,599 and increase in price as you add more extras, such as second shooters, more hours, albums, canvas prints, and so on. It’s also pretty common to create a custom package that fits your needs. 

  • 6 Hour Package
  • $2,599
  • 1 Photographer
  • 560-600 Images
  • 6 Hour Wedding Session
  • Online Gallery
  • Reserve a Date
  • 8 Hour Package
  • $2,999
  • 2 Photographers
  • 1,000-1,200 Images
  • 8 Hour Wedding Session
  • Online Gallery
  • 30 Next Morning Photos
  • 1 Hour Engagement Photoshoot
  • 8x8" Album (10 pages)
  • Reserve a Date
  • 10 Hour Package
  • $3,699
  • 2 Photographers
  • 1,500-2,000 Images
  • 10 Hour Wedding Session
  • Online Gallery
  • 50 Next Morning Photos
  • Wooden Box with USB Drive
  • 1 Hour Engagement Photoshoot
  • 10x10" Album (20 pages)
  • Reserve a Date
  • 14 Hour Package
  • $4,999
  • 3 Photographers
  • 3,000+ Images
  • 14 Hour Wedding Session
  • Online Gallery
  • 60 Next Morning Photos
  • 1 Hour Engagement Photoshoot
  • 16x12" Album (30 pages)
  • 2 Parent Albums 10x10"
  • 40 4x6" Prints
  • 30x20" Canvas Print
  • Reserve a Date

Let's Spell it All Out

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6 Hours Wedding Photography Package 

Base Package

This package is made for someone who wants to have a very small intimate wedding with 40-50 guests in there and wants to have everything nice and calm. These weddings usually happen in a nice backyard or the opposite somewhere at the National park or in the beautiful desert. These couples usually are not looking to have lots of photos and will be happy to receive 400-500 photos.

Usually, with this guest count, one photographer can easily cover the ceremony and the reception by himself and of course will have enough time to take beautiful sunset photos. This package also fits very well for destination weddings when you want to visit a few landmarks or our magical California state or any other place and make a ceremony at the end.

If that sounds like something you want to do, consider a package like that. A wedding album is not included in this package but you can always add it additionally.

8 Hours Wedding Photography Package

Silver Package

You are planning a wedding with about 80-120 people. You want to cover the most important moments like ceremony photos, wedding party photos, family portraits, and the first couple of hours of the reception but you are willing to skip the getting ready shots and the second part of the reception with sparkle exit and other things. Maybe you just don’t want to do this, maybe you are on the budget, or you are just trying to save some money to get a videography package.

Whatever is your case this package might work for you very well. If you feel like you don’t want to skip anything and/or want to have a decent size album look no further than the gold package I listed below. 

You are also going to get a very nice one-hour photoshoot that is good for one location. 

10 Hours Wedding Photography Package 

Gold Package

The most popular package for a reason. With this package, you’ll be able to cover all the most important parts of your wedding starting from getting ready shots and to all essential parts of the reception. With this package, you’ll have 2 photographers and they can separate and make getting-ready shots of the bride and the groom at the same time. After that, we’ll capture your first look from 2 angles and be able to do all the wedding party shots and family photos twice faster if needed. You’ll have twice more angels from the ceremony as well and it’s especially important if your wedding is at the church where we can’t walk around much. 

Going to the reception we’ll be able to cover your entire dance floor and capture all the fun moments going on there. Some of the weddings will even be able to capture sparkle exit if you have one or if we are tight on time you can add a few hours with one or two photographers. 

Very commonly my couples upgrade to this package from the 8 hours one few weeks before the wedding. As soon as you build your timeline you’ll see that this is an ideal solution for a nice big wedding. 

With this package, and it’s very important, you’ll get a very nice 10×10 album for you and if you decide to add one for your parents you’ll get a very good discount. 

You also going to have an extended 2 hours engagement photoshoot with 2 separate locations if you want. Have you always want to have your engagement shoot done at the park and the beach? That’s the way to go.

If you feel like you want to do something in between or like none of these packages sound like you we can always make a custom package and base it on your specific needs. Please contact me to discuss your desires.

14 Hours Wedding Photography Package 

Platinum Package

You want it all and you want the best. You know that absolutely everything is important and you clearly see the value of your wedding photos 10 years from now. This is the package for you. Most of the time this package works the best for Armenia, Persian and Indian weddings. If you have 300+ people at your wedding and one little elephant and that’s pretty much the only way to go. With this package we’ll be able to capture getting-ready shots with all traditions included, we’ll be able to cover the ceremony shots from multiple angles and at the same time, we’ll have 3rd shooters doing detail shots.

You are going to have separate photographers who are solely focused on candid shots and details while 2 other photographers capture absolutely everything that is going on around you. At the reception, we do not count hours. We simply staying until the end and cover absolutely everything that is going on on the dance floor and around it. All the most important photos with your entire family will be captured.

With this package, you are also going to get 3 beautiful albums for yourself and your parents. The biggest one we have. Check out our video with albums here. You’ll also get the hard drive with all RAW footage (photo and video) and you even get a canvas with the best photo from your engagement photo shoot. Everything in this package is very well thought through and made based on many Armenia, Persian and Indian weddings I’ve shot.

If you feel like you want to do something in between or like none of these packages sound like you we can always make a custom package and base it on your specific needs. Please contact me to discuss your desires.

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