Callie and Matthew. Refugio Ranch, Santa Ynez wedding photos

Refugio ranch! Santa Ynez! Welcome to my new best ever place in California. It’s it’s only 10% of the population of Santa Barbara. No one distracts you from enjoying nature, forest, hills, ocean. Breathe! Just breath and you’ll feel how fresh it’s over here. These guys so lucky to have their wedding at this place. And yes you can be jealous. They didn’t rent it 🙂
And wine! It does taste like its straight from costieres de nimes but better! If you ever in this area stop by and try it! If now – then just go there!

It’s windy! It’s probably windiest ceremony I’ve ever done 🙂 It was like… it felt like we adding some bubbles into our wine and getting champagne out of it. It felt very right! Very energetic! Very fresh! Loved it!

Thank you Callie & Matthew for this wonderful day! I’ll remember it forever!



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