Sea Vista Malibu wedding photos. Emegald and Jason.

– Have you worked at this venue?
Usually, the answer is yes.
Not with this one. No one worked here before. There are no references, no examples of someone’s wedding. Nothing can help you except for your imagination and creativity. Love challenges like that!

As always for the new places, I arrived an hour earlier to this place to walk around and plan everything. Where we going to do first look, where we going to do wedding party photos… which way the sun is traveling… where should we be during the day to get the best lighting… usual things for a wedding photographer 🙂

I also convince the couple to drive to the beach and do the sunset photos there since it’s just a 15 min drive.
As you can see everything worked out just perfect! 🙂

wedding planner Christine Lalonde

Looks like they figured everything out without me.   Sea Vista Malibu wedding photos Christine Lalonde




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